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本文摘要:Apple’s new smart watch is still months away from going on sale but it already faces an attack of the clones.苹果(Apple)新款智能手表距离上市还有数月时间,但已遭遇诸多“克隆五品”的反击。

Apple’s new smart watch is still months away from going on sale but it already faces an attack of the clones.苹果(Apple)新款智能手表距离上市还有数月时间,但已遭遇诸多“克隆五品”的反击。Near-identical copies of the $350 Apple Watch were on display at several Chinese manufacturers’ stalls at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, costing as little as $60 apiece.在本周在拉斯维加斯举办的消费电子展(CES)上,几家中国制造商的展台上展出了几款产品,与定价350美元的苹果手表(Apple Watch)完全几乎一样,但售价较低至60美元。

The brazen forgery at the world’s largest technology fair shows the speed, boldness and uncanny accuracy with which China’s counterfeiters can mimic even pioneering products.在这个全球仅次于的科技展览上,这种明目张胆的剽窃表明出有中国企业在仿照领先产品上的速度、大胆和难以置信的精确度。The Apple Watch fakes seen by the Financial Times — some just a short walk from the booths of well-known brands such as Oculus VR and Broadcom — were identical down to the distinctive “digital crown” controller on the side of the device and four sensors on the underside.在距离Oculus VR和Broadcom等知名品牌展台仅有几步之近的展台上,英国《金融时报》记者看见了一些外表与苹果手表异于的仿品,甚至连手表侧面独有的“数字皇冠”旋钮以及手表底部的4个感应器都无一不补。The devices were often switched off but representatives of the Shenzhen-based companies that made them said they ran a version of Google’s Android operating system, redesigned to look more like Apple’s iOS. All were lined up next to other wearable devices bearing an uncanny resemblance to Samsung’s Gear smart watches or fitness trackers such as Fitbit and the Misfit Shine.这些仿品大多数正处于关机状态。



来自深圳的产品制造商称之为,这些设备配备谷歌(Google)安卓(Android)操作系统,但操作系统经过新的设计,用一起更加看起来苹果的iOS操作系统。这些手表旁边摆放着其它可穿着设备,看起来与三星智能手表Gear或Fitbit和Misfit Shine等身体健康追踪设备难以置信相似。When asked if the design of one of a range of ersatz smart watches on the front desk of her stand looked familiar, one employee of Shenzhen-based Zhuhai Liming Industries giggled and said: “Apple?” Asked whether Apple might be upset by the similarity to its forthcoming watch, she said: “They are different.”记者问深圳珠海利明实业的一名女员工,展台上的一款智能手表仿品的设计否有些眼熟时,她大笑道:“是像苹果吗?”在被问到苹果否不会因为这些仿品而苦恼时,她问:“它们是有所不同的。

”Another stall owner, after the Financial Times took a photograph of another Apple Watch copy, quietly removed the device from display while asking for the reporter’s contact details. Separately, a manufacturer showing watches at CES similar to Apple’s also had them up for sale on Chinese ecommerce company Alibaba’s wholesale site.在另一个展台上,当记者为另一款苹果手表仿品照片后,参展商悄悄把这款手表删除,并拒绝记者获取联系方式。另一家在CES展览上展出与苹果手表类似于的智能手表的制造商,早已在中国电商巨头阿里巴巴(Alibaba)的杂货网站上销售这些产品了。Ben Bajarin, tech analyst with Creative Strategies, who also spotted several fakes at CES, said the forgeries were no longer surprising. “China makes a lot of knock-off high-end watches,” he said.Creative Strategies科技分析师本巴亚林(Ben Bajarin)也在CES展览上看见了几款仿品,他回应,这些仿品已仍然让人车祸。


他说道:“中国正在生产大量山寨的高端手表。”Copies of its iPhones and iPads have made little difference to Apple’s sales, he added, because they appeal to different kinds of customers who know they are buying fakes.他回应,iPhone和iPad的仿制品完全没影响到苹果的销量,因为它们更有的是有所不同类型的客户,这些客户告诉自己出售的是仿品。Apple declined to comment.苹果拒绝接受回应置评。



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